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Throughout my publishing career I have always had the military modeller at heart.

I have recently taken up the hobby again and am an enthusiastic member of the

White Rose Guild of Miniature Painters.

For details of our meetings and events go to:

Here are two photographs of my samurai elephant, which consists of one elephant, fourteen figures and a parrot (pirates of course must have a parrot) oh, and a pile of elephant dung (realism is everything).  The elephant was professionally 3-D printed for me while the figures are mainly my own work with sculpted clothes and pre-modelled weapons set on to basic nude figures.The actual incident happened in 1633 and involved an ancient bronze cannon being attached to the howdah with which the crew bombarded the pirate ship.  The model pirate falling off the elephant is secured in place by a pin through the elephant’s ear.  This model won a silver medal at the Leeds Scale Model Show in 2024..


This is a model of Matsune Shimpachiro, a retainer of the Date family and the subject of an interesting ghost story.  He was visited one night by the ghost of a dead samurai who asked Shimpachiro to take revenge on his behalf.  Shimpachiro took the head of the villain as he was requested and from that time onwards he used an image of a severed head on his sashimono


This model is one of the 47 Ronin.  He is walking through bamboo.  The snow is made from Bicarbonate of Soda.

This model shows Date Masamune being attacked by a ninja using a kusari-gama


This model derives from my research for The Khmer Art of War.  Angkor was subjected to several raids by the Chams of Vietnam during the 1170s.  Here a group of Khmer warriors defend a ruined section of Angkor Wat against a fierce Cham raid in 1178.  The flag and equipment are taken from the carvings at the Bayon temple.  The blocks are made from lumps of modelling clay carved and dried.  This model won a bronze medal at the Leeds Scale Model Show in 2024.

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