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For the first time an authoritative and well illustrated history of the Art of War in Southeast Asia from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period.

It will be based on contemporary source material and will tell the story of how war was conducted in Burma, Siam, Cambodia and Vietnam.  The war elephant will feature prominently along with the development of firearms, the use of mercenaries and unique accounts of battles and sieges.  The wide range of never before seen pictures will also give modellers information they have always wanted.


12 Thailand 06 Don Chedi 091.jpg
P Toungoo.jpg
N Nong Sarai.jpg
Okehazama 2.jpeg

This will be a study of Oda Nobunaga that covers all his military campaigns including the Ishiyama War, which has never really been studied in depth.


By the way, I recommend watching the film about Oda Nobunaga entitled The Legend and Butterfly.


It is the best samurai related movie I have seen in many years.  It is visually stunning and paints an amazing picture of Nobunaga's descent from fool to tyrant as seen in the context of his relationship with his wife Lady No.  You will also find samurai women and warrior monks - in fact there is something for everyone!


Best of all it is free to watch in HD if you have Amazon Prime (in the UK anyway)


It will certainly tide you over until the release of my book!

In preparation
Oda Nobunaga:
Samurai Commander

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