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I have begun 2024 in style by publishing a third book in my self-published series Art of War.  Entitled The Khmer Art of War as illustrated in the Angkor carvings 1113-1220.  It includes a collection of my photographs of the amazing reliefs and friezes in and around the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia.  (Please note that it is all black and white.  Amazon search show some of my original colour pictures.)


Are you enjoying the new TV series Shogun?  If you want to read more about period my book on the Hōjō was published at the end of last year. It is a unique study of Japan's military revolution.  My older book Samurai in 100 Objects will also be very useful along with The Samurai Swordsman.


Note also the second volume in my Art of War series.  Entitled The Ikko-ikki Art of War as illustrated in the Military Chronicles, it consists of 101 pictures from woodblock printed books of Japan's "holy warriors" and the Ishiyama War when they took on Oda Nobunaga.

My book on the Ōnin War was published in 2022 along with the Osprey Essential History War in Japan 1467-1615. So much new material has become available since 2003 it is practically a new book AND it has all new pictures.

I also provide an advisory and consultancy service about Japan including a picture library holding 35,000 items. Do have a look at my military modelling section.

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