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Welcome to my newly redesigned website for Spring 2021, and a particularly warm welcome to anyone curious about samurai who has arrived here after watching the Netflix Series Age of Samurai, for which I did a voiceover. (No, I didn't write the script...)

My book on samurai mercenaries has been published and I have just finished revising the Osprey Essential History War in Japan 1467-1615, but so much new material has become available since 2003 it will be practically a new book AND it will have all new pictures.


My current working project is a new Osprey Combat: Mongol Warrior vs European Knight, Eastern Europe 1237-42.  The three engagements covered are Legnica (Liegnitz), Muhi (Sajo River) and the siege of Esztergom.  I am also translating new material on the Hōjō family of samurai for a future book.


I also provide an advisory and consultancy service about Japan including a picture library holding 35,000 items. 

My first degree was at Cambridge and have two MAs (in Theology and Military History) from Leeds University.  In 1996 I received a PhD from Leeds for my thesis on Japan’s Kakure Kirishitan.  In its published form the work won the Japan Festival Literary Award in 1998.

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